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Touch screen technology is one of our fastest growing market areas in Jacksonville for restaurant and retail stores. We carry the latest in touch screen solutions, ranging from fingerprint ID to frequent dining to multi-store corporate consolidation. Our touch screen systems build efficiency and are extremely easy to use, it’s time to work smarter, not harder.

We recently surveyed hundreds of our customers and, on average, they reported a 15% increase in margins after implementing a computer-based point of sale system. In addition, they reported better control over internal and external shrinkage, better stock levels, and more efficient ordering. Through the increased margins and added efficiency, the point of sale system pays for itself. Call today to schedule a free onsite demonstration and learn our cutting-edge POS systems:

  • View your business at a glance. Inventory, sales and customer data is at your fingertips.
  • Work more efficiently with the ability to adjust prices, discounts and transfer data to accounting with a click.
  • Make your customers happier. Track key information to stay in touch and provide better service.
  • 88% of our Point of Sale users say it helps them know where they are making money and where they are not.

Your POS system needs to be reliable as well, because downtime equals lost revenue and disgruntled customers. Our solutions are built with dependability in mind because we know that time is money, and as a company that’s been providing POS systems to Jacksonville for over 25 years, you can count on our experts 24/7/365. 

Unlike national providers, we’re based right here in Jacksonville, FL and take a partnership approach with our point of sale customers. From training to support to system upgrades, we handle it all and offer a true turnkey approach.

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