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VoIP Systems

VoIP Phone Systems

Whether your company is large or small, branch office or headquarters, single site or multiple offices, TBS has the right VoIP phone system for your business. Our IP PBX systems have been designed to be robust, flexible, reliable and cost effective – and easily scale in both size and capability.

Since the features are delivered as software, unlike proprietary hardware-based phone systems, you are in control, able to deploy exactly the features and applications your business requires.

Service specifics include:

  • PBX
  • Voice Mail
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • E-Mail Server
  • Unified Messaging
  • LAN Integration
  • IP Extensions
  • WEB Based Client applications
  • E-Commerce Integration

Total Business Systems is proud to offer the award-winning AltiGen VoIP based business telephone system after our partnership with AltiGen Communications. Our clients, regardless of company size, can take advantage of comprehensive Altigen VoIP business phone systems and Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions.

Both internal and external business communication has been revolutionized by advances in telephone system technology. Productivity has been improved, overall efficiency has been boosted and most importantly, significant cost savings have been realized. 

Due to the convergence of voice and data networks, traditional analog, digital and key telephone systems have become obsolete.  Since 1994, AltiGen has been delivering cutting-edge converged communications solutions on a world-class basis, clearly establishing themselves as a leading VoIP business phone system supplier. 

AltiGen has the perfect VoIP phone system for your business, whether your company is:

  • Large, small or enterprise
  • Branch office or headquarters
  • Single site or multi-office


Built to seamlessly scale in both size and capability, AltiGen IP PBX systems are designed to be reliable, flexible, robust, and always keep the bottom line in mind with cost-effectiveness. Unlike proprietary hardware-based phone systems, the features of these systems are delivered as software which means the business is in control, deploying the exact features and applications based on your unique business needs.